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Indiana Snowmobile Laws

Indiana Snowmobile Laws
Indiana Off Road Vehicle Laws
General Snowmobile Information
Indiana Code 14-16-1 Off Road Vehicle State Code

  1. If you operate a snowmobile on public property, it must be registered
  2. Registration is $30.00 for three years.
  3. Snowmobiles may be rode on the public right-of-way adjacent to a public highway, except a limited access highway.
  4. You may cross a public highway, other than a limited access highway, at right angles to get from one area to another. Before crossing, make a complete stop and yield right-of-way to all traffic.
  5. Cities, towns, and counties have individual laws pertaining to snowmobiles. Check before riding.
  6. A snowmobile must have at least 1 headlight and 1 tail light, which must be on between dusk and dawn.
  7. Ride at a reasonable speed in relation to existing conditions.
  8. Do not ride while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  9. Do not harass or endanger wildlife.
  10. Do not ride on any property without permission of the landowners.
  11. Do not ride on railroad track or railroad right-of-way.

           *Any questions regarding snowmobile laws can be directed to your local Conservation Officer.


Other helpful information

*Use the buddy system - Never ride alone! In case of an accident or machine failure, that second machine and rider may be your only means of a safe return.

*Be sure to carry - Spare spark plugs
                                Spare drive belt
                                First aid kit
                                Tow rope
                                Tool kit
                                Flashlight and batteries
                                Registration certificate
                                Cellular phone with a fully charged battery

*Always remember - Every snowmobiler is an example of this great sport. Make your example a good one by respecting the right and property of others.