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What is the ISA?

The Indiana Snowmobilers Association has:

  • Insisted State Government remove snowmobile money from the Registration Fund, making it available for snowmobiling programs as intended.
  • Developed a close working relationship with the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Encouraged and assisted in establishing new snowmobile trails throughout Northern Indiana, when money has been available.
  • Assisted many clubs in preparing legislation that opened their county roads to legal snowmobile traffic.
  • Involved many politicians in the snowmobiling program.
  • Continually monitored legislative activity, insuring only favorable snowmobile laws for Indiana sledders.
  • Assisted in rewriting the current snowmobile laws.
  • Strongly encouraged the implementation of the currently approved Snowmobile Safety Program.
  • Kept state snowmobile clubs up to date with the latest snowmobile safety material and data.